RTG Presents: Urbane Myths Episode 3 - The Panga Man


From 1953 to 1959, a serial killer or killers stalked Pretoria’s Naai Draai (Lover’s Lane). He targeted couples in cars knowing that, due to the elicit nature of their roundezvous’, many victims would be hesitant to come forward. His capture would lead to an amazing revelation regarding his identity and now, while his murder weapon rests on display in the South African Police Museum, his legacy continues. This is the story of The Panga Man.

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RTG Presents: Urbane Myths Episode 1 - The Vela Incident


On the 22nd of September 1979, near the Prince Edward Islands off Antarctica, there was an event, an incident that has gone by several names including The Vela Incident and The South Atlantic Flash. A double flash of light was seen and recorded by an American Vela Hotel Satellite. 39 years later, no official explanation has been given as to its origin. Why the silence?

Because the Vela Hotel satellite had one purpose: to detect nuclear detonations. I look at this story with Les Allen and discuss what may or may not have happened off our coast all those years ago.

RTG Presents: Urbane Myths with Vittorio!


It is with great pleasure that Release The Geek presents a brand new podcast from RTG co-host Vittorio Leonardi - Urbane Myths!


Adjective - charming, worldly


Noun - traditional stories; widely held but false beliefs or ideas; misrepresentations of the truth

“There are stories from all around the world regarding the strange, the unexplained, the terrifying and the unreal… And yet, you’ll have to dig to find many from our shores. Urbane Myths is where we dig. It’s where you’ll find some of those local legends and tales of the unconventional, a place where you can begin your search into what lies beneath the veil.

We have our own conspiracies, prophecies, cover-ups and mysteries. It’s time they were told. Welcome to Urbane Myths.”

The Urbane Myths podcast will launch TODAY (October 31) at 3 pm SAST, before moving to its own platform. Stay tuned!