RTG Presents: Urbane Myths with Vittorio!


It is with great pleasure that Release The Geek presents a brand new podcast from RTG co-host Vittorio Leonardi - Urbane Myths!


Adjective - charming, worldly


Noun - traditional stories; widely held but false beliefs or ideas; misrepresentations of the truth

“There are stories from all around the world regarding the strange, the unexplained, the terrifying and the unreal… And yet, you’ll have to dig to find many from our shores. Urbane Myths is where we dig. It’s where you’ll find some of those local legends and tales of the unconventional, a place where you can begin your search into what lies beneath the veil.

We have our own conspiracies, prophecies, cover-ups and mysteries. It’s time they were told. Welcome to Urbane Myths.”

The Urbane Myths podcast will launch TODAY (October 31) at 3 pm SAST, before moving to its own platform. Stay tuned!