The Release The Geek Team


Vittorio Leonardi

Since 1999, Vittorio has tried to show audiences a new way to see the world - slightly skewed, quirky & governed by cartoon law. Besides, stand-up and improv comedy (which includes his successful one man show and performances at the 2012 Paralympics in London), Vittorio adds seasoned lecturer, actor (you can spot him in this little number) as well as writer for comedy shows on South African TV (including "The Real Goboza") to his array of skills. You can find him at his website and via Twitter: @vittorioleo



Sam Wright - Content Editor

Content editing? That's a thing? Absolutely, and Sam totally nails it for us. In addition to content editing for 'Release the Geek', Sam is the editor and founder of Tech Girl. She spends most of her time willing her superhero powers to kick in and attempting to convince horses to jump over brightly coloured poles. Sam dreams of the day she can beat traffic by taking a hover board to work and own a robot that makes her tea.

Franco Strydom

The resident "boy wonder", who takes what we record and turns it into something passingly audible - honestly, we couldn't do without him. Completing his masters in Sound Design, Franco has done audio, content production in radio and on TV, done a bit of screenwriting and even a bit of directing. Franco is an an avowed browncoat and loves his sci-fi and fantasy.





Douw Pretorius - Research

What, you think we go into these things without at least checking out Wikipedia?

Douw's more than ably lends a hand to the Release The Geek podcast by using his powers of Google-Fu to help us only seem like we don't know what we're doing. Other times, you'll find him spreading his time between his Paladin in WoW, getting his Gundam themed tau army painted and ready for play and general consumption of all things L5R. He's also one half of the "Geek Of All Trades" podcast, and finds something funny happening to the right of your monitor.

Les Allen

Growing up a comic book and D&D nerd set Les on a life of geekery. Starting out in IT, with forays into sales and training, Les eventually landed a gig doing webinars and online presentations before striking out and running his own business. Listening to a vast array of awesome podcasts (like this one, this one, this one, oh and this one and this one) inspired him to want to do one of his own ... which has led to this little gig. You can reach him at




Gregg Barlow - Research

What, you think we go into these things without at least checking out Wikipedia?

TLDR: Gregg plays lots of geeky games and stuff.

Gregg has finally returned to us from his indentured servitude at some remote governmental research facility (well, he denies it wasn't a research facility, but he'd have to say that) to give us a different perspective on what we need to find. See, he's an engineer, and we all know they think ... differently.

Gregg is also the other half of "Geek of All Trades" podcast, and is also mildly amused at something off to the right of your screen. You should probably check on it.