Episode 9 - Zombie Run Geekery with Carol Mitchell

Carol Mitchell - the, dare we say, brains behind Zombie Run SA, was kind enough to stop by GeekXP central to chat about the amazing events she stages.

Carol is a shining example of combining multiple interests and creating something fantastic - a trail runner, she decided to organise a zombie themed run to help support her overriding passion ... animal conservation.

We chatted with Carol about a bunch of topics, including:

 - becoming self-educated about the zombie genre
 - the insane timeframe she set to get her first one up and running,
 - how easy it is to corrupt a minor into becoming a zombie for the run
 - plus, you'll get a peek behind the curtain regarding Les's particular ... feelings on the topic.

You can find the Zombie Run SA crew here, and go check out FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation to support their efforts!