Episode 19 - Tech Prognostication Geekery with Sam Wright and Zoe Hawkins!

Sam Wright, of Tech Girl, and Zoe Hawkins, of Lazygamer, were very kind in sitting down with us recently to engage in the dark arts of prognostication and give us what they think is likely to, nay, WILL happen in the fields of tech and gaming during 2015. This is a most informative podcast where we not only find out what the learned ladies think will happen over the course of 2015, but a host of other tidbits as well, such as: 

 - that behind all the glitz and glamour, tech is really all about the giggles

 - their thoughts on wearable tech, amongst other things,

 - and we may have managed to defile some Harry Potter toys

Plus, we manage to reduce the art of tech and gaming journalism to the skills of typey-typey and clickey-clickey. The Diva has given this a 'Hello Sailor!' rating due to excessive saltiness: and it gets salty pretty quickly!

If you wish to sup more from the wisdom that does fall from the mouths (and fingers ... like, by typing), you can find Sam at Techgirl.co.za and on Twitter (@TechGirlZA), and you can find Zoe's games reviews and articles at Lazygamer.net or follow her on Twitter, too - @Moonstormer