Episode 30: Sultan's Library Geekery with Zane Atkinson!

Photon Games is a games design company founded by Durbanite Ryno Lourens. Together with Zane Atkinson, they've designed a fun card game called Sultan's Library - set against the backdrop of Arabian Knights type imagery, each player takes on the role of one of four envoys, each with their own unique skills. The envoys are sent out into the world by the Sultan with the taks of finding and return various Books of Knowledge for his library. 

Photon Games, after an initial hiccup earlier this year, have relaunched their Kickstarter to get the game funded and have some great perks for those who choose to get involved.

With Ryno currently in Canada, Zane was very kind enough to sit down and chat with us about all manner of things including: 

 - how Zane and Ryno first met at Varsity via a common interest in anime

 - the origins of the Sultan's Library game and how Ryno convinced Zane to come on board as the artist for the cards

 - and the lesssons they learned during their first Kickstarter campaign, and how it's going to be much better this time around. 

Plus, we talk about all the factors that needed to be considered when designing a physical card game - and there are some definite tips to be gleaned for budding game designers.

Earlier this week Photon Games launched their updated Kickstarter project, and they've got some great perks including a chance to design your own location card! It's a great chance to pick up a copy of the game, support the guys and also, maybe, pick up the playmat perk with all new art from Zane himself.

Also, Les from GeekXP, the Geek of All Trades team and our friend Luke from Gameruman got together to give the game a run with a prototype copy that the Photon Games team kindly gave us. You can check out Luke's review of the game here