Episode 108: Wrestlemania Geekery with Vittorio Leonardi!

Being a geek is about the passion you have for your chosen fandom, and being able to celebrate it with those who share that interest.

Release The Geek co-host Vittorio Leonardi recently travelled to the US to experience the ultimate in sports entertainment: Wrestlemania. A long time wrestling fan, Vic sat down with us to share how it felt to be a part of this massive extravaganza, and what it was like to chat to the heroes of his youth.

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Episode 54: Further Introspective Geekery with Vittorio Leonardi! (Part 2)

We continue with part 2 of our introspective interview with RTG co-host Vittorio Leonardi! After finding out exactly how much of a bad-ass his dad was, Vic takes us into the lands of acting (like, the movies!) and how he started his comedy career.

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