Episode 65: StoryLab Geekery with Triggerfish Studios!

You may not know Triggerfish Animation Studios, but you'll certainly be familiar with their work: they're the team behind Takalani Sesame, Khumba, Zambesia and more!

Last year, Triggerfish launched a fantastic initiative called 'Story Lab', a program that aims to develop African writers and directors and has drawn the backing of the South African DTI as well as Walt Disney Studios!

Stuart Forrest and Anthony Silverston sat down to chat to us about the origins of Triggerfish, how the Story Lab idea came about and what it's like working with the House of Mouse!

For more information about Triggerfish and everything they're up to, check out their website, or follow them on Twitter - @TriggerfishZA. You can also follow Stuart (@stuart_forrest) and Anthony (@antimator) on Twitter as well.