Episode 41: SDCC Geekery with Raymond E. Feist!

And now ... on to our second year of podcasts! We recorded a number of interviews during our trip to the US in July and August, and the first cab off the rank for our 'Summer Series' is a repeat guest, one that we're incredibly honoured and excited to have again - Raymond E. Feist! To fantasy fiction fans, Ray really needs no further introduction, however if you do need one though, he was a guest on the eighth episode of podcast so you check that out first before continuing with this one.

A note to get us started - Ray had JUST got back from a whirlwind 48 hour trip to England, and he was suffering a decent case of jet lag. Still, he soldiered on and we really, really do appreciate the time he took out to chat about all manner of things including:

 - the origins of San Diego Comic Con, how it's changed over the years and whether it will move from San Diego in the near future

 - we chat history, including some interesting points relating to the Confederate Flag

 - And there's plenty of sports talk. Yes, sports. A mea culap though - I mentioned a rugby match that was to be played (which happened last week as a matter of fact): I said the Wallabies were to take on the mighty All Blacks, however it was the Wallabies taking on the US Eagles (well done to my Wallabies for the win, and best of luck to them for the upcoming World Cup).

Plus, Ray tells us a slightly embarrassing story about how he used to get his Comic Con tickets. But now, he's got a potential business idea in the works.

We need to issue a spoiler warning and, more importantly, a trigger warning for this podcast: there is some strong adult content discussed in this recording including, among other things, Ray and I discuss recent happenings in Season 5 of Game of Thrones, and particularly in relation to scenes of rape.

Please be aware that we talk about this topic from multiple angles, including the angle of the scene's role in the dramatic narrative and that this conversation may serve as a trigger for some listeners.


You can follow Raymond on Twitter - @refeist