Episode 122: Jengo Geekery with Robot Wizard!

Graeme Selvan and Louis Du Pisani are the developers guys behind Robot Wizard, a Joburg based game development studio who are hard at work on their debut game, Jengo - a retro throwback to the 'point and click' era of gaming with a modern and appealing coating. Jengo is very much a story-driven game filled with with bittersweet humour & brain teasing riddles in a world of failed video game characters that didn't quite make it as top-line gaming characters in games we know and love. In June this year, Robot Wizard announced that Playdius Entertainment had signed on to be the publishers for Jengo, which also brought the guys to Gamescon in Germany where they showcased the game for the first time. But now, the time has come for South Africans to try out the game at rAge this weekend. In addition to being able to try out the game itself, you also have the chance become part of the game: Robot Wizard is still looking for the voice of the game's main character, Jeff, plus other voice-overs the game might require.

We sat down with Graeme and Louis (with input from Cody, the shaman general of the operation) to chat about their respective paths to geekdom, the origin story behind the game itself, and we talk about their future plans for their Kickstarter proposal.

For more information about the game, check out the Robot Wizard website, and then go follow them on Facebook and Twitter!


Episode 118: ICON 2017 Series - Making the Cosplay Leap with VampyBitMe!

The world of cosplay has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade, with the scene expected to be worth over R20 billion dollars by the year 2020. How, you might ask? There are a number of factors, ranging from the sheer cost that goes into buying the materials that make a costume, appearance fees by top cosplayers to appear at events and conventions around the world and fees charged by cosplayers to help companies promote their brands.

As the cosplay economy matures, there will be plenty of cosplayers looking to take the next step and become semi-pro or full-time professionals in this new market. Linda was generous enough to share with our audience at ICON 2017 her tips on what cosplayers should do in order to make this leap to becoming a cosplay professional.


Episode 83: The Variant Covers Team Explain DC's Rebirth & Marvel's Civil War 2!

The major crossover events for 2016 are DC's Rebirth and Marvel's Civil War 2, and The Variant Covers team is here to get you up to date with the origins of, and the latest happenings in, both series!

The Variant Covers, GeekXP's crack team of comic experts, is made up of Greg Nell, Limpho Moeti and Nas Hoosen - and you should totally follow them on Twitter!


Episode 16 - Gamer Geekery with Pippa Tshabalala!

Pippa Tshabalala: gamer, writer, teacher, presenter, VJ, producer and brand ambassador, Pippa has worn and continues to wear a multitude of hats, and manages to wear them all very well.  Possibly best known to South African tv viewers for her stints presenting PlayR and The Verge on DSTV, Pippa’s is an incredibly respected voice in the gaming and geek culture scene, with plenty of experience and cred to back up what she says (and you’ll soon hear where that cred comes from). Pippa kindly took time out of her insane schedule to sit down and chat with us about all manner of things including:

 - The path she took to try and get into game design and animation

- What it’s like to be tossed in front of a live camera, a national audience and get told to “wing it”

- And how not to handle the game controllers at her place should you a) be eating crisps and b) her husband happens to be around

Plus, Pippa helps us figure out when, should you ever need to, is the best time take a call from MTV.

Go enjoy the cool mag that is www.splicedmagazine.co.za (or find them via their page on Facebook), stay in touch with them via Twitter (@splicedmag) and follow Pippa herself on the Twitter Machine: @UnexpectedPippa.

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(Img credit - Morne Van Zyl: http://www.mornevanzyl.com)

Episode 15 - 48 Hour Film Project Geekery with ... GeekXP?

Final podcast of the year and we sit down and chat to ... ourselves. That's right, I get to spend an hour talking to Franco and Vittorio about their recent experience with the 48 Hour Film Project, as well as a trip back through our individual 2014's to review our personal highlights.

As their website says, every second counts when you've got 48 hours to make a film. A worldwide contest featuring 120 cities across six continents, The 48 Hour Film Project strives to advance film-making around the globe. And two members of the GeekXP team, co-host Vittorio Leonardi and producer (as well as probable diabolist) Franco the Wunderkind, were part of the "Iconic" team that fairly scooped the pool in the Jo'burg leg of the event.

So, in this 'end of year banter' podcast, we learn:

- the ruleset given to 48 Hour Film Project entrants

- how the best of ideas can change rapidly when you've only got 2 days to do everything

- and the awards that the team picked up, plus what happens in the next stage of the competition

We also figure out our 'porn star' names, and some are better than others.

Episode 1 - Accounting Geekery with Steven Cohen

First cab off the rank - it was a pleasure to have Steven Cohen as our first guest! MD of Sage Pastel, Steve identifies strongly with the geek tag and we really appreciate him sharing his experiences.

A clarification: during the intro, we said that Softline became Sage Pastel not long after its founding ... which is 'kinda' correct. Softline became Softline Pastel, the name the company was known by for many years. Softline Pastel was eventually purchased by Sage in 2004, which led to the current name for the company.

You can find the occasional piece of Cohen wisdom via the official Sage Pastel Twitter feed - @PastelAccounts