Episode 135: Phoenix Fire Geekery with Natalie Rivener!

Back in 2015, we interviewed Johannesburg author Natalie Rivener, who had taken on the task of co-ordinating an array of South African authors to self-publish an anthology of stories. The group were instructed to use the imagery of the phoenix as their short story inspirations and the Flight of the Phoenix became available from Amazon via digital and print-on-demand versions
Now, three years later, Natalie has braved the perils of herding cats once again to produce a new anthology, with the idea of Fire playing the inspirational muse. The new book, Phoenix Fire, officially launches on the 24th of this month with an event hosted by the Nexus retail and gaming venue in Randburg, so if you're in Johannesburg you should definitely pop by from 2 pm, pick up your copy and get it signed by the authors.
We sat down to talk to not only Natalie about the ups and downs of producing this particular edition, but also to chat to a first time published author who contributed to Phoenix Fire - and he's a name and voice regular listeners will instantly know.

Don't forget - if you're going to be in Johannesburg on Saturday, 24th of February, you can head over to the Nexus in Randburg to pick up your copy and meet the authors! Otherwise, head on over to Amazon and order your copy now!