Episode 63: Kariba and MengelMoes Geekery with Daniel Clarke, Daniel Snaddon and Willem Samuel

Daniel Clarke and Daniel Snaddon are part of the Blue Forest Collective in Cape Town who have just successfully had their Kickstarter project funded for Kariba - an African graphic novelwhere history and mythology collide. Not only did they meet their goal of USD$20,000, they absolutely blew past it with over 200% funding.

Willem Samuel is an illustrator and comic book creator who has worked on various projects including the soccer comic book Supa Strika, one of the biggest comic titles in the world. Willem has also published his own autobiographical comic, MengelMoes.

We sat down with all three to chat about a host of amazing topics including animation, the creation/development process and how you can make a career out of thing you love doing.

For more info on the Kariba graphic novel, check out the Blue Forest Collective's website and (if it's still before 1 pm SAST on March 31) head over to grab some awesome perks from the Kariba Kickstarter. You can also keep track of their progess via Twitter (@KaribaMovie)

You can also check out Willem Samuel's work MengelMoes via Soaring Penguin Press. You can also follow Willem on Twitter (@WillemSamuel1)