Episode 122: Jengo Geekery with Robot Wizard!

Graeme Selvan and Louis Du Pisani are the developers guys behind Robot Wizard, a Joburg based game development studio who are hard at work on their debut game, Jengo - a retro throwback to the 'point and click' era of gaming with a modern and appealing coating. Jengo is very much a story-driven game filled with with bittersweet humour & brain teasing riddles in a world of failed video game characters that didn't quite make it as top-line gaming characters in games we know and love. In June this year, Robot Wizard announced that Playdius Entertainment had signed on to be the publishers for Jengo, which also brought the guys to Gamescon in Germany where they showcased the game for the first time. But now, the time has come for South Africans to try out the game at rAge this weekend. In addition to being able to try out the game itself, you also have the chance become part of the game: Robot Wizard is still looking for the voice of the game's main character, Jeff, plus other voice-overs the game might require.

We sat down with Graeme and Louis (with input from Cody, the shaman general of the operation) to chat about their respective paths to geekdom, the origin story behind the game itself, and we talk about their future plans for their Kickstarter proposal.

For more information about the game, check out the Robot Wizard website, and then go follow them on Facebook and Twitter!