Episode 136: Dragon's Watch Geekery with Gina Nelson!

Gina Nelson is a young South African developer who became enamoured with the computer game industry and quickly decided that this was the career for her. After working with local game dev company Luma Arcade, Gina set off to the UK to seek her fortune, and has landed the role of Art Lead for London games studio The Secret Police - a company that comes with some impressive credentials.
In late 2017, Gina, as part of the The Secret Police team, launched their first game 'Dragon's Watch' - a fantasy RPG game with over 700 heroes to collect and evolve through multiple levels as you attempt to rescue dragons in order to save the kingdom. On Monday, GeekXP will be posting a full review of the Dragon's Watch game itself plus details of a competition just for Release The Geek listeners. We'll be asking a question in that article, but you'll only be able to get the answer on this podcast which is ... Tin Fingers. Check out geekxp.co.za on Monday, 26th of Feb to find out more.

But back to Gina, who was kind enough to share with us her path to geekdom, how she fell in love with both art and game design, and the secret behind the amazing soundtrack to Dragon's Watch.

You can check out Dragon's Watch via the game's website, and then check out some of Gina's work via her website, on Instagram, and the go follow her on Twitter!