Episode 42: Augmented Reality Geekery with Brian Haberlin!

Incredibly well known in the comics industry, Brian has many strings to his bow: artist, writer, pencilier, inker, editor. Brian's past credits include, among many other things, co-creating the Witchblade character, penciling and inking Spawn during his time at Todd McFarlane Productions, and the epic 370 page sci-fi/adventure graphic novel Anomaly - which also has a companion augmented reality app to take you even deeper into the characters, the setting and the story. On top of handling the story and illustrations for the new Image Comics title "Faster Than Light", which also carries an augmented reality component, Brian also runs DigitalArtTutorials.com, helping people take their artistic skills to another level using Photoshop. Plus, he's also managing to work on a sequel to the Anomaly graphic novel, which is due out next year.

With a workload like that, you know that we're incredibly grateful to Brian for sparing an hour to chat to us about all manner of things including:

 - How, while growing up, a group of friends tried to get him into comics by cherry-picking the best of the best titles available

 - How the lack of guaranteed work in the comics field led Brian to getting a Masters in Screen-Writing, which led to him writing on various shows including Lois and Clark

 - And how a timely change in the Augmented Reality SDK added a new, rich layer to the Anomaly graphic novel, which also extends to "Faster Than Light".

Plus, Brian reveals a little about a new comic coming out next year that will also carry AR in its pages ... making that comic a true Jekyll and Hyde proposition.

We'd very much like to thank Francis Takenaga from Anomaly Productions for his invaluable help in getting this interview organised. For more info about Brian, you can following him on his Facebook page, you can check out the Anomaly website for more info about the sequel, and then like their page on Facebook to be kept up to date on all their happenings.