Episode 18 - 925Rebellion Geekery with John Crofts and 'Wookie' Elliot-Wilson!

925Rebellion, an "internet culture magazine site", is dedicated to entertaining denizens of the internet with news, reviews and other cool stuff about games, comics, zombies, and tech. And we wanted to know exactly how they got to where they are, and what their plans for galactic domination involve.

John and Wookie were kind enough to join us for a sit down for a chat and we learnt some very interesting things like:

 - The secret behind the name 925Rebellion

 - How the guys first met at primary school then met again by chance after many years

 - And how easy it is to get your geek on in India (which, it turns out is preeeeety easy to do).

Plus we discover that a (incredibly sinful sounding) 'triple chocolate and guiness cake' exists ... and we find out which company associated with 925Rebellion is responsible for it.