Episode 97: Tech-Savvy Parenting Geekery with Nikki Bush & Arthur Goldstuck!

As a final lead in to all new 2017 podcast episodes, we present another fantastic ICON 2016 panel, which directly links to next week's podcast - South Africa's 'go-to' parenting expert, Nikki Bush, and South Africa's 'go-to' tech advisor, Arthur Goldstuck, took to the stage to talk about how to be a tech-savvy parent in an ever changing world!


Episode 96: SA Urban Legend Geekery with Arthur Goldstuck!

Was back in the dark times of 2016, we chatted to the 'go-to' guy of SA tech, Arthur Goldstuck, about his path to geekdom. During the chat, he mentioned he'd written a number of books about urban legends and we were keen to here more - so we organised him a panel at ICON 2016!

Join Les Allen and Vittorio Leonardi on stage with Arthur Goldstuck as we talk about South African urban legends!

You can find more about Arthur's work at the 'Legends From A Small Country' website, or follow him on Twitter (@art2gee)!


Episode 84: Bonus rAge Content - The State of eSports in South Africa!

With #rAge2016, South Africa's biggest LAN and computer gaming event, starting this Friday in Johannesburg, we thought it time to review the state of esports in South Africa.

SA's "Tech Girl", Sam Wright, has been named as one of the hosts for this year's Telkom DGL tournaments at #rAge2016. Back in June, 2016 Sam hosted a panel on the topic of esports in South Africa at ICON Comics & Games Convention. Joining Sam on stage were SA gaming legend and shoutcaster Barry "Anthrax" Louzada, gamer Stefan 'Nefan' Smit, and DeWet "RidditZ" Lombard from nAvTv.

We humbly present a recording of this panel as a primer for this weekend's gaming fun!

For more from Sam Wright, follow her on Twitter - @TechGirlZA!


Episode 76: ICON 2016 Series - Introduction to Podcasting

This podcast is a live recording of the "Intro To Podcasting" panel that was held at ICON 2016 in June this year. Gregg Barlow and Douw Pretorius of the "Geek Of All Trades" podcast joined Limpho Moeti (GeekXP's "The Variants Cover" editions) to talk about the processes they went through when it came to starting out on the podcast route.

You can find out more about the "Geek of All Trades" podcast at their website.


Episode 75: ICON 2016 Series - Triggerfish StoryLab Spotlight with Nas Hoosen and Mike Scott!

This podcast is a recording of the Triggerfish StoryLab spotlight panel that took place at the ICON Comics & Games Convention in June, 2016. Mike Scott and Nas Hoosen were two of the eight StoryLab winners and joined Les Allen on stage to discuss their experiences: from finding out that they'd won all the way to their Los Angeles trip to visit the Disney studios.

The live stream of the ICON 2016 StoryLab Spotlight panel was recorded and can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KATHZKjJ0X4


Episode 73: ICON 2016 Series - The State of Comics In SA!

The first of our ICON 2016 Panel Podcasts! This episode sees Ray Whitcher, Nas Hoosen (regular listeners will know him from The Variants Cover podcasts) and the godfather of South African comic books, Moray Rhoda. Together, they discuss the current state of comics in South Africa and the future looks very bright indeed.

This podcast is also available as a video on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdBTI7P3JFc!