Episode 80: 2016 Summer Series - Pathfinder Geekery with James L. Sutter!

The final episode of our '2016 Summer Series' - this time we're chatting to author, editor, co-creator of the Pathfinder RPG and the Creative Director of the Starfinder RPG for Paizo Publishing, James L. Sutter!

James graciously took time out of an incredibly hectic Gen Con schedule to chat about an array of topics including his path to geekdom, dumpster diving and how he got his start at Paizo through his willingness to do repetitive work at a nickel a task. We sincerely want to thank James for his time and very much appreciate the help he provided in opening the door into the Pathfinder world.

For more information about James and his work, check out his website, and to stay on top of all his latest news, you can follow him on Twitter - @jameslsutter!


Episode 79: 2016 Summer Series - Fiction Geekery with Maxwell Alexander Drake!

Part 2 of a series of interviews recorded at #GenCon2016 this year and this time it's author Maxwell Alexander Drake! Drake has many, many strings to his fiction writing bow - he's served as Lead Fiction Writer for Sony's EverQuest Next, worked as a novelist, graphic novelist, playwright, screenwriter as well as being a tie-in writer for both video and tableptop gaming markets.

Drake was running a series of panels on fiction writing at Gen Con (something he does at conventions regularly, including San Diego Comic Con) and took time to share his path to geekdom over a burger and a brew. We'd also like to thanks Doc Myers for helping get this interview organised - much appreciated, Doc!

For more info on Drake and his work, check out his website and follow him on Facebook. You can also follow him on Twitter - @MaxwellADrake


Episode 78: 2016 Summer Series - Podcasting Geekery with the Anonymous Tabletop Podcast!

During a podcast networking event at #GenCon2016, GeekXP fell in with Katie and Dave from 'Anonymous Tabletop'. We managed to scrape together some time later in the day to chat about their paths to geekdom, how they came to be part of the 'Anonymous Tabletop' podcast, and they helped clarify why the Cubs are so much better than the Sox. There is also a small discussion on Indiana's seasonal vegetables.

You can find out more about the Anonymous Tabletop podcast via Facebook, or follow them on Twitter - @TableAnonymous