Episode 121: Dream Artist Geekery with The Variants Cover Crew!

To kick off Season 4, we decided to take a slightly different angle on an age old facet of geek culture, regardless of interest: he scenario argument. It could be book versus movie: which was better? Who would win: uperman vs Hulk? Kirk vs Picard vs Sisko vs Janeway etc. etc. Tech geeks could argue over which flavour of operating system is better. Sports geeks argue about which their top five players of all time, or which championship team would beat any other championship team.
Part of the fun of being a geek is the ability to play around with the variables, put them in different situations and see what happens. Earlier this year, Vittorio and I sat down with the Variant Covers crew of Limpho Moeti, Greg Nell and Nas Hoosen to throw around some scenarios of our own, but not in argument format: if you could have access to any comic book artist for a commission, what work would you have them create? Money was no object, nor was time - this conversation was more about which artists we cherish and hold dear, and what we would like to seem them create.