Episode 120: ICON 2017 Series - State of SA Esports!

We round out our third season with one more panel from ICON 2017 and we're continuing with the esports theme. Last year, ICON 2016 played host to a panel discussing the state of esports in South Africa, and it was a very busy year for esports since then.

Last month saw the completion of TWO major esports events in South Africa (the Rush event brought to you by NAG, and the VS Gaming event), last weekend saw the inaugural Valkyrie Girl Gamer competition with 50 thousand rand prize money as well as the announcement that the Nexus in Randburg, Johannesburg will play host to the Hearthstone European Summer qualifiers for South Africa. The profile of esports has never been higher. And all of this can be framed against the backdrop of Valve's DOTA 2 The International, which has amassed an incredible prize pool of over 24 million US dollars.

With the massive growth of esports locally, we'd like to present to you this year's ICON 2017 panel talking about the state of esports in South Africa, hosted by SA's Tech Girl, Sam Wright.