Episode 115: Dollaretta Geekery with Eryn Gunzenhauser!

Eryn Gunzenhauser is a writer and artist, whose style lies somewhere between the influence of Eastern and Western commercial cartoons.

Eryn is drawn to the darkness and her work expresses her curiosities and understandings of psychology, beauty, death and immortality. Eryn is deeply passionate about what she creates: there is truth to her fiction, and it comes from her heart.

While studying, Eryn produced a great deal of art that would eventually influence her comic, “The Legend of Dollaretta”, which is the result of years of story development and artistic grown. Eryn has now gone the self-publishing route, and "The Legend of Dollaretta" is now available on the Comixology platform.

You can find "The Legend of Dollaretta" right now on Comixology, and you can also follow the "Dollaretta" Facebook and Twitter pages!