Episode 112: Thanos Geekery with Ron Marz!

Silver Surfer, Witchblade, Superman, Tarzan, Quasar, Cyberforce, Batman - these are just some of the characters Ron Marz has written on. While Ron has an extraordinary breadth of work under his belt, in some parts he's more famous, or infamous depending on your opinion, for his Emerald Twilight run on the Green Lantern.

Ron was a guest at Fan Con in Cape Town recently, and took time out of a hectically busy to chat about many topics including his path to geekdom, how he came to write THAT Green Lantern story arc and we chat for a little about the Knicks (sorry, non-sports fan).

We also have special guest appearances by Sean Izaakse and by Variants Cover member Nas Hoosen, who joined Ron in a very special quiz.

You can follow Ron on Twitter, and you should also check out the new initiative Ron's part of - Ominous Press!