Episode 105: YouTube Consultant Geekery with The Social Bard!

This week we continue with YouTube as our topic focus, but we're going to look at it from a different angle. Carla Harris is the Social Bard - a consultant who focuses on helping businesses and creators grow their YouTube and online video audiences by helping direct more traffice and activity to their video content.

How effective is Carla? Well, since he started consulting with the 'How To Be A Great Game Master' channel on YouTube in March 2016, their subscriber numbers have risen 2083%, and they're currently sitting on over 11,000 subscribers.

You can find out more about The Social Bard on her website. You can also follow her on both Facebook and Twitter, but best of all you can find her on YouTube! And finally, if you'd like more information about the Palaeontological Scientific Trust that Carla spoke about during the podcast, you can find it at their website.