Episode 130 Comic Creator Geekery with Dave Gibbons!

Dave Gibbons is, to put it simply, a titan in the comic book field. While it's easy to say that he might be best known for his collaboration with Alan Moore on Watchmen, Inkpot and Jack Kirby award winner Gibbons has massed more than an enviable body of work: he co-created Rogue Trooper alongside Gerry Finley-Day for 2000 AD, also working on Judge Dredd, Dan Dare, the Harlem Heroes and the ABC Warriors for the same publication; Gibbons worked with Moore again to create what is widely acknowledged as one of the best Superman stories of all time, "For The Man Who Has Everything", working alongside Len Wein, Gibbons made John Stewart the primary character of green lantern; and in a synergistic full circle, worked on the title that was his favourite as a child - "World's Finest" staring Superman and Batman.

Dave was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to chat to us about a range of topics including his path to geekdom, getting his first comic book assignments, and who is still on his bucket list to work with.

You can follow Dave on Twitter, and head on over to Amazon to pick up a copy of "How Comics Work" - it'd make a great Christmas present!