Episode 82: Shoutcasting Geekery with Shaun 'Profeci' Murrell!

With rAge Expo just around the corner, GeekXP is going to look at a number of facets around gaming in South Africa, particularly around eSports. Our first topic underdiscussion is shoutcasting - the commentating of eSports games such as DOTA 2 and CS:GO. This week's interview is with Shaun Murrell, better known as Profeci, who shoutcasts DOTA 2 matches for nAvTv. Shaun was gracious enough to join us for this discussion and we talked about all manner of things including Shaun's path to geekdom, how he got into gaming and found his way to shoutcasting.

You can find Shaun on Facebook (@ProfeciGaming) and you should totally follow him on Twitter: @ProfeciGaming. For more information on nAvTV, check out their website!