Episode 58: Underrated Comic Villain Geekery with The Variant Crew!

At the end of 2015, we invited three ex-comic store employees to chat about myths they'd like you to know about comic book stores, which includes crushing the dreams of people who 'think' they have copies of Spider-man No. 1, when in fact it's nothing more than an issue from the 1990 Todd McFarlane series.

We had so much fun with Nas Hoosen, Dizzi Limpho and Greg Nell that we decided to make this a regular thing. Once a month, I'll pose a question to these three impressively knowledgeable comics fans and we'll dissect the topic. Eventually, this this will be come a podcast in its own right, but for now we'll house it as a monthly Release The Geek comic book podcast.

The topic posed to Nas, Dizzi and Greg this week - who is the most-underrated villain in comics history?

You can follow the members of The Variant Crew on Twitter: Dizzi is @DizziLimpho, Greg is @GregJNell and Nas is @NasWho.