Episode 90: Retail Gaming Geekery with Solarpop's Eugene Vermeulen!

Tabletop and boardgaming is on the rise around the world, and South Africa is no exception. The retail side of this industry in South Africa does have its own challenges - an unsympathetic exchange rate means we're paying more for the product, and the distance from suppliers means more expense due to shipping costs. There are also issues like regional distribution models that, while beneficial for the manufacturers, may cause additional pain for local retailers.

Earlier this year, three of the country's biggest tabletop and boardgame wholesalers, Blowfish Entertainment, Skycastle Games & Toys and Boardgames SA came together to start a brand new company - Solarpop. Eugene Vermuelen sat down with us to talk about his path to geekdom, his decision to start Skycastle and what the joining of forces of these three companies means for the gaming community and industry in South Africa.

For more info on Solarpop, you can check out their website, but probably best to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news.