Episode 87: Patreon Geekery with Guy Sclanders!

Guy Sclanders is a Johannesburg based roleplayer who has been a GM since the age of 12 - he was not forthcoming with how many years that makes. But he's not keeping his trove of skill to himself: Guy produces a large amount of YouTube content giving advice on how to not only be a great GM yourself, but how to be a great player.

Starting October 1st, Guy and his YouTube roleplaying group the 'Bacon Battalion' launched their Patreon campaign and are already well on the way to hitting their second funding goal. Guy took time out to chat to us about his path to geekdom, which Starfleet captain he finds is the best and Bacon's journey to the magical YouTube subscription number.

An aside - we really want to thank Guy for squeezing in time for this interview: it was actually recording the night before Bacon's Patreon launch, which was a pretty stressful time. Kudos to him for taking time out for us.

To see the massive (and massively fun) amount of content, check out the Bacon Battalion RPG YouTube channel, go follow them on Twitter (and Guy himself here), and finally - go to their Patreon page and support them!