Episode 40: Magical Medieval Fayre Geekery with Meryl Rosenberg and Dayle Robyn!

Taking place on Saturday, September 5 in northern Joburg, Neigh-bours the Medieval Fayre summons men and women of honour and valour, buskers and barons, knights and dragons, unicorns and the fair maidens who ride them.

Complete with archery competitions,  demonstrations of a working forge, a fantastic night market with stalls available late into the evening, a sword-fighting tourney hosted by the members of the Medieval Fight Club group as well as the opportunity to fight a knight yourself ... the Neigh-bours Magical Medieval Fayre has something for everyone, including mead and ale! (Well, mead and ale for those over the age of 18. And remember, drinking and knight fighting is definitely not recommended).

Meryl Rosenberg and Dayle Robyn are the brains, and the brawn, behind the the Fayre itself and they were gracious enough to sit down and have a chat with us about all manner of things including:

 - how the two came to be friends (big props to IRC there)

 - the incredibly humble beginnings of the Fayre

 - and how they've ramped up the 2015 version of the event based on previous lessons learned. And yes, there will be enough food and drink for all

Plus, we discover exactly what one says to people in order to get them out of the venue when the Fayre is done. And it's a t-shirt in the making.

For more info, check out their Facebook page, and you can also follow all the happenings on Twitter - @neighbourscoza