Episode 35: Redux/Witcher Geekery with Pippa Tshabalala!

After affording her enough time to at least PLAY it, Pippa Tshablala returns to 'Release The Geek' to chat about The Witcher 3, the game she was most looking forward to. And now, she's back! Pippa was kind enough to come back and chat to us, on her day off no less, about all manner of things including:

 - how to avoid slime when attending NickFest

 - The Witcher 3 gameplay, and how to explain what's happening to a persistent child

 - and we chat a bit about Gamer Gate, including an actual benefit of being one of the few women at an international convention

Plus, Vittorio attempts to schmooze Sony. Sony - please feel free to let us know when you'll be sending us our new PS4 for review.

For more of Pippa's musings, follow her on The Twitter Machine - @UnexpectedPippa