Episode 38: James Bond Comic Geekery with Jason Masters!

Jason Masters is a Johannesburg based artist whose pencil and inking work has graced the covers and pages of various comics including some of DC's Batman titles, Batwoman, Nightwing, the Suicide Squad as well as the Human Target and Marvel's Wolverines.

Just last month (July, 2015), it was announced that Jason will join comic legend Warren Ellis as the creative team on a new James Bond series, beginning in November this year - in fact, at the time of the interview, Jason wasn't able to talk about it and refers to it as the 'secret script' he's working on.

Jason was incredibly kind enough to sit down and chat with us about all manner of things including:

 - the correct cartoon and movie influences that one should expose a child to (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom does rate highly on the list)

 - how making storyboards in the advertising industry is very much like preparing layouts in comics, but more painful to your soul

 - and how an encounter with Ethan Van Sciver at a signing at Cosmic Comics led to an invitation from Wildstorm comics, and from there came more work with other publishers.

Plus, we discuss what goes into five star doctored coffee. We're going to be making the branded mug with the correct ingredients and ratios sometimes soon.

You can follow Jason on Twitter (@TheJasonMasters) and check out his DeviantArt page for some cool pieces!