Episode 37: Flight of the Phoenix Geekery with Natalie Rivener!

Way back in episode 2 of Release The Geek, we chatted to members of the Pretoria Writers Group, who'd organised and self-published an anthology of stories relating to the topic of storms. One of the contributing authors was Natalie Rivener, who took on the task of co-ordinating another anthology, this time with the imagery of the phoenix as the inspiration for submissions.

We were very keen to chat to Natalie about the process of putting an anthology together, particularly after being part of one as a contributing author. Natalie was kind enough to sit down and chat with us about all these things and more, including:

 - how the best laid plans of book publishing can be derailed by pregnancy

 - the cat-herding skills it takes to co-ordinate other authors when compiling an anthology, particularly when it comes to encouraging new authors to shape and hone their contributions

 - and the reason for use of the phoenix as the inspiration for this anthology, and how important it is to be flexible ... even if you're the person in charge.

Plus, we discuss porridge brain. Not necessarily a defined medical term, but something that, apparently, every pregnant mother knows about.

You can grab the e-book now from Amazon, via print-on-demand, or through GoodReads.