Episode 34: GeekFest Geekery with Richard Harman and Kasia Jabrzemski!

Richard Harman and Kasia Jabrzemski are the driving force behind The Dark Carnival, the South African online retailer of comic books, graphic novels and collectibles, and also ... GeekFest! 

Now entering its third year, GeekFest has become a staple on the convention calendar, and is growing from strength to strength. In lieu of GeekFest taking place this Saturday, July 4th at Huddle Park, Johannesburg, Richard and Kasia were very kind enough to sit down and discuss all manner of things including: 

 - the secret origins of The Dark Carnival itself

 - how the idea of GeekFest was born

 - and we give you a sneak preview of what to expect from this year's GeekFest, as well as a bit of advance knowledge on when to expect the next one.

Plus, we find out that Kasia occasionally buys Richard some outfits. And things go a little downhill from there.

Head on over to www.geekfest.co.za to get more information, and be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter: @GeekFestSA!