Episode 33: STRAY Comic Geekery with Sean Izaakse!

Sean Izaakse started reading comics and drawing from a very early age and it wasn't long til the notion of being a professional comic artist became his main goal in life. Through art classes in and after school, and via an interesting employment career, Sean has managed to meet his goal as a published artist. Sean's work has appeared in Insurrection Studio's "Clockworx" comic, the web comic "The Gutters" as well as a stint on the "Pathfinder" comic produced by Paizo, based on their award-winning RPG system. In mid-2014, Sean joined forces with Vito Delsante to create "STRAY", their own comic book that was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign and is now available for sale on Amazon and at all good comic book stores.  

Sean was kind enough to sit down and chat with us about all manner of things including:    

- how, every weekend, Sean would plan his logistical movements to make sure he checked out all the second hand book stores for comics within a set kilometre radius  

- how you should manage your expectations when it comes to drawing nudes in art class  

- and how he finally managed to become a published comic artist, but only after some pretty tough work experiences, including a harsh lay-off experience.  

Plus, we chat about how much assistance Sean thought the South African National Roads Agency provided when it came to the filming of the latest Avengers movie - no green screen involved.

You can find Sean at a few places on the intarwebs: you can check out his personal site, the artwork he's posted on Deviant Art, or his Tumblr page. You can also find his 140 character peals of wisdom on Twitter - @seanizaakse.