Episode 31: Gamecca Geekery with Walt Pretorius and Katia Taliadoros!

Gamecca Magazine is a high quality, digitally distributed online video game, consumer tech and lifestyle magazine. Targeting the hardcore and casual gamer, the tech enthusiast and the geek culture sections of the South African Market, Gamecca is distributed freely as a download from the Gamecca Mag site and now also from their Facebook page.

Gamecca Magazine's primary goal is to foster the growth of video gaming in South Africa through the provision of accurate and ethical articles relating to products, trends and concepts relating to the gaming, tech and geek lifestyle.

Walt Pretorius and Katia Taliadoros are the engine behind Gamecca Magazine. Dropping its first issue back in July 2009, Gamecca is the product of Walt's history as a gaming and tech journalist, and Katia's marketing and graphic design background. 

Walt and Katia were kind enough to sit down and chat with us about all manner of things including: 

 - How they finally came together many years after first meeting at art school (despite them being on either side of the Star Wars/Star Trek divide)

 - Katia's gradual path to geekdom after many years in a, self-confessed, Greek Bouzouki coma 

 - And the origin of Gamecca Magazine itself, including the challenges they had to overcome as a pioneer in the digital magazine space.

Plus, we hear a defence of the computer game that is widely recognised as the worst computer game of all time. And it's quite a convincing one.

All of Gamecca Magazine's back issues are freely available for download. Check out those, and the latest issue at their website - www.gameccamag.com. You can also find them on Facebook via the Gamecca page, and the Gamecca group page https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/gamecca/