Episode 26: Unseen Shoppe Geekery with Francois Grobler and Shelley Kirby!

Started by a couple of Durban gamers in September of 2012, 'The Unseen Shoppe' was born in order to provide an enjoyable, social, safe but most of all fun environment for all players of all ages to partake in their hobbies. They're also the driving force behind the 'ICON By The Sea' convention taking place in Durban across April 10th to 12th, 2014 - quite an accomplishment for a retail store that has only been around for 2 and a half years.

Francois Grobler and Shelley Kirby, the team behind 'The Unseen Shoppe' were very kind enough to sit down with us to discuss all manner of topics including:

 - their respective paths to geekdom: for Francois, it was via Magic: the Gathering; for Shelley it was via the Warhammer universe.

 - how boardgames are a very 'innocent' gateway drug to get one's partner into the geek gaming scene.

 - and the "benevolently self-interested" thought processes that led to the creation of the store that is The Unseen Shoppe

Plus, Francois shares how Magic the Gathering is a very useful tool for his day job as a psychologist - and it's not a cynical attempt to get more customers.

Feel free to check out their website, and go check out ICON By The Sea this weekend. Oh, and big shouts to Lady Lavender!