Episode 29: Girl Geekery with the Geek Girls SA Team!

Geek Girls SA is a community group for the women of geek in South Africa. The group was founded by Helga Pearson with the aim of growing geek culture in Durban, but moved beyond the KZN borders into the rest of South Africa and beyond, allowing the women of geek to find one another online and in the real world.

Shelley Kirby, Lisa Hayes-Foley, Briar Harmer and Briget Naylor were very kind enough to sit down with us to discuss all manner of things including: 

 - the deep and resonant origin story behind Geek Girls group

 - we talk about the fact that men are actually welcome at Geek Girl SA events and gathers. Well, some of the events anyway.

 - and the organic progression from Geek Girls Durban to Geek Girls SA, as well as the ladies plans for further world domination. Watch out, Pofadder.

Plus, Shelley inadvertently gains a relationship status, even though she doesn't officially like labels. And we all give a hearty hello to Kyle.

You can find the Geek Girls SA team via their website, their Facebook page, and on Twitter - @GeekGirlsSA

Plus, don't forget to join them for their International Star Wars Day celebrations at The Unseen Shoppe in Durban, this weekend!