Episode 28: Podcasting Geekery With The Geek Of All Trades team!

Gregg Barlow and Douw Pretorious first met via the WARP Club (that's Warhammer And Role Playing) at Wits University and a friendship based on a mutual geekery was born. Both had listened to podcasts before and decided that it'd be fun to do one of their own - and after a decently long incubation period, the Geek of All Trades podcast was born.

Geek of All Trades is a once-a-month podcast covering all manner of geeky pursuits such as boardgames, anime, roleplaying, gaming and much more. Their aim is to give you, the average geek, a window into the entire spectrum of Geek based hobbies, one podcast at a time. Gregg and Douw kindly sat down to break bread with us and discuss all manner of things including: 

 - how Star Trek inspired Gregg's choice of study at university

 - the specific podcasts that Douw and Gregg listened to that inspired them to do their own thing and the logisitics behind getting Geek of All Trades organised

 - and the fun of trying to figure out your audience size, though their motivations may not be what you think. We're looking at you, China.

Plus, we learn the intricacies of how to manage three brothers who want to play on a Super NES when you only have two controllers - spoiler alert: it involves your mum.

You can find the Geek of All Trades podcast on their website, and you can also follow the guys via Facebook and Twitter - @ofalltradesGeek