Episode 25: Tautological Geeky Comedy Geekery with Warren Roberston!

Warren Robertson: warrior, poet, comedian, egg lover. Warren is Johannesburg-based comedian of many talents: he's presented radio shows, hosted podcasts and written columns for a variety of magazines and newspapers, all on top of making people laugh. Stepping on to a comedy stage for the first time in 2006, Warren soon garnered a name for himself, winning numerous comedy competitions in the UK and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Nominated at the Comics Choice Awards as the breakthrough comedian of the year for 2011, he has since cemented his reputation as a smart, fiercely original comedian. 

Warren was very kind enough to sit down with us to discuss all manner of topics including:

 - his start on the road to geekdom through fantasy novels, particularly the works of Tolkein

 - the lists promoted in popular magazines during Apartheid era South African that could help parents identify whether your child was a satanist

 - and how a beer funnel fueled incident led to South African comic John Vlismas demanding he do a comedy routine the very next weekend. 

Plus, Warren comes up with a potential movie pitch involving Mr Tumnus ... Hollywood, you need to get onto this while you still can. 

If you want to see Warren live, you can find a list of his gigs on his website, and you can follow him on Twitter: @warrenrcomedian