Episode 27: Sound Engineering Geekery with Gavin Harrison!

A baptism of the Beatles birthed in Gavin Harrison a lifelong love of music. Starting off as a roadie for the band that would become Sugardrive, Gavin learned and honed his craft as a sound engineer in the live scene over a number of years to become a widely respected professional in the South African music industry. 

Gavin's knowledge and experience has meant he's work with pretty much every top artist in South Africa from Wonderboom to Josie Fields to the Springbok Nude Girls and Arno Carstens as well as a number of international acts. Gavin was kind enough to sit down with us to chat about a range of topics from life in the South African music scene including: 

 - his experiences in the Johannesburg club scene during the 80's including sneaking out of his Benoni home at age 14 to go and see bands in Hillbrow

 - his start as a roadie for Sugardrive (then known as Running South) which, apparently, was part of a therapy process to get over a romantic breakup

 - and his particular pleasure in mixing sound for drummers

Plus, Gavin reveals the real reason why David Guetta cancelled his last concert. The answer may be both surprising, and yet ... incredibly obvious.


During the podcast, Gavin made mention of a couple of cool companies we'd like to give a nod to. Awesome companies that can help with all your sound needs!