Episode 21 - Geek Couture Geekery with Sin Bin!

Cynthia Brown aka Sin Bin has grown to become a much loved and respected figure in the cosplay and LARP community in South Africa. A staple at conventions with her custom geek couture, Sin has developed a strong following in the community after turning her personal interest of graphic and fashion design into a full time business making custom accessories, cosplay outfits, clothing and illustrations for a passionate geek community.

Sin took time out of her incredibly hectic schedule to have a wonderful chat with us about an array of things including:

 - Her geeky origins in Africa (Deepest, Darkest), including the making of her own "My Little Pony" figures

 - Her frustrations with still life art projects at school

 - and the day she finally decided to make a full time job of her hobby ... against the advice of some of those near and dear to her.

Plus, we got to meet Earl, the blinged out, metrosexual Tyrannosaurus Rex and discovered the origin of his incredibly masculine name.

To get more info on Sin, or to make contact, go to her website or Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter: @SINBIN_TM

For more on Earl, you can check out HIS gallery, too!