Episode 17 - Sexuality Geekery with Avri Spilka!

Geeks and sex, surely not? After all, the standard tropes about virginal geeks abound! However, Avri Spilka, a Johannesburg based sex educator who works with minority sexualities, such as kink, gamers, polyamory and LGBTQI, has a totally different viewpoint - and plenty of evidence and experience to back it up.

A gaming geek herself, Avri kindly sat down with us to have a chat about a topic that some might not really want to talk about openly, but that is part of Avri's mission: creating a culture of free, critical thinking around sexual health, rights, education and pleasure. And how important it is that these things are discussed, even in geek circles.

We learnt a great many things in this podcast, including:

 - the difference between sex and sexuality

 - how gaming environments can help with the development of multiple aspects of a geek's personality

 - and how the elasticity of the gamer mind can make them more accepting of non-normative notions, including different relationship styles

Plus, we get an experienced sex educator's opinion on the 'Gamer Gate' controversy. And it's a forceful one.

There are a bunch of ways you can get in touch with Avri and learn more about what you can do to help construct a more sex positive world. Go check out her website, the Ctrl+Alt+Sex page (also on the Book of Faces) and via the South African Polyamory page. 

Also, this particular podcast comes with a parental advisory and a trigger warning: we discuss a number of facets of sex and sexuality, and some parts of the conversation move into the topics of sexual violence. Listener discretion is advised.