Episode 20 - Workplace Geekery with Felix Kessel!

In a perfect world, geeks could proudly proclaim their interests without fear of judgement or see it as a CLM (career limiting move) in the workplace - hunting down every LARP photo you're tagged in to make sure no one saw it. But it IS possible, hence our chat with today's guest: Felix Kessel is the CEO of Owen Kessel Leo Burnett, a full-service advertising agency and one of the most well known and well respected in the country, handling such brands as Nintendo, the South African National Blood Service, Crime Line and Business Day. 

Felix is openly, shall we say, out of the closet about his geek interest in his business life. A former DM, current LARP enthusiast (when he can), Felix is not afraid to discuss his interests with his colleagues. While being the boss gives you certain liberties, and being a 'creative' means you're allowed certain eccentricities, Felix discusses how it wasn't always that way for him and how he came to be open about his geekiness. 

Felix's comments at the end of this podcast are incredibly poignant, and every geek no matter your interest, should take these words to heart.

We chatted about plenty of things during our hour including:

 - how the ability to tell a story helped him handle the typical geek teasing in the schoolyard

 - how the narrative of the story is essential to being the geek, and how the appreciation of this storytelling narrative helps you come to terms movies and shows that do not fully conform to canon.

 - and how his adoption of the hero narrative into his everyday life has helped him be comfortably open and 'out of the geek closet', so to speak, in his general business life.

Plus we talk about how the police would have viewed the geekily decorated gaming space (his mum's garage) ... and the types of charges his parents would have been hit with.

You can find more of Felix's musing on Twitter: @FelixAK