Episode 48: Moving Parts Geekery with Kandyse McClure!

NB: With the worldwide premiere of the movie 'Moving Parts, Release The Geek is highlighting this episode to help promote the film.

Final edition of our 'Summer Series' - we sat down to chat with South African born actress, Kandyse McClure!

Kandyse was kind enough to take time out from a busy day of work here in Johannesburg to share plenty of stories with us: from finding her love of the dramatic as a girl in Durban, to taking the stage in Vancouver, then on to Battlestar Galactica and beyond. We also chat about the project she was working on at Shine Studios, as well as her interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


To keep track of updates on Kandyse's latest work and projects, check out website, follow her on Twitter (@kandysemcclure), or like her page on Facebook.