Episode 15 - 48 Hour Film Project Geekery with ... GeekXP?

Final podcast of the year and we sit down and chat to ... ourselves. That's right, I get to spend an hour talking to Franco and Vittorio about their recent experience with the 48 Hour Film Project, as well as a trip back through our individual 2014's to review our personal highlights.

As their website says, every second counts when you've got 48 hours to make a film. A worldwide contest featuring 120 cities across six continents, The 48 Hour Film Project strives to advance film-making around the globe. And two members of the GeekXP team, co-host Vittorio Leonardi and producer (as well as probable diabolist) Franco the Wunderkind, were part of the "Iconic" team that fairly scooped the pool in the Jo'burg leg of the event.

So, in this 'end of year banter' podcast, we learn:

- the ruleset given to 48 Hour Film Project entrants

- how the best of ideas can change rapidly when you've only got 2 days to do everything

- and the awards that the team picked up, plus what happens in the next stage of the competition

We also figure out our 'porn star' names, and some are better than others.