Episode 11 - TechGirl Geekery with Sam Wright

Today's guest is Sam Wright, founder and editor of TechGirl.co.za. Sam joined us earlier this month to talk about a bunch of things, most notably how she channeled her passions into the website that is TechGirl.co.za. Sam has created an online space that caters for every woman, whether they're a clued up digital diva who can hold their own at DOTA or someone who just wants to know whether she can type on a touchscreen with falsies. The site is designed to not only entertain, but to empower and educate.

We chatted to Sam about a wide range of topics including:

 - how a deep understanding of Star Trek can help any geek succeed
 - why she went to university for reasons other than to get a degree
 - how to turn a journalism degree into a successful marketing role
 - and the how the site techgirl.co.za came into being, including the insane timeframe Sam set to get it up and running.

Sam also wants a host of suggestions regarding a particular style of anime - any suggestions can be sent to her via Twitter: @IAmSamW. Otherwise, you should totally be checking out www.techgirl.co.za.

Sam's personal blog is also a source of great pride. Check it out at www.thatplaceinmyhead.co.za