Episode 10 - Community Geekery with Legion Ink

Legion Ink - a prime example of geeks trying to help other geeks. As members of the original ComicWorx site, Ray Whitcher and Nadja Spath helped reforge the forums from the ground up.  

Ray and Nadja have helped create a true geek community - a community that helps contribute to the skills development of other geeks that are interested in art, comics, cosplay, game design ... here's a community that wants to help you grow, and asks that you provide constructive criticism and assistance back to others.

We chat to the Legion Ink team to discuss their initiation into geekdom, the evolution of the increasingly successful Artist Alley at rAge Expo each year, the success stories that have come through the Legion Ink such as Dawid Frederik, Warren LouwJason Masters
(DC Artist: Batman Incorporated and Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy), Deon de Lange
and Sean Izaakse, as well as what you can do to help the community grow (if you've got some web coding skills, this means you!).

You can check out the Legion Ink crew here, or contact them via info@legionink.com