Episode 8 - Midkemian Geekery with Raymond E. Feist

London Times and New York Times bestseller Raymond E. Feist, author of The Riftwar Saga, The Empire Trilogy, Faerie Tale and many more much loved novels helps us Release The Geek this week! We sat down recently with Raymond for an animated and entertaining discussion that moved across a number of topics, including:

- How the world of Midkemia came to be, and the South African connection to the continent of Novindus
- Playing World of Warcraft with his family
- How a young sci-fi/fantasy geek kid came to be so interested in sport
- And how the love and belief of a group of his friends launched a career that resulted in selling millions and millions of books around the world and gaining many adoring fans

Plus we'll find out the connection between author Jeffrey Archer and one of the darkest plagues of our time.