RTG Presents: Urbane Myths Episode 5 - How To Make Your Own Urban Myth


We’ve all told them. We all love them. They all happened to someone who knows a guy that dated a girl that met someone this happened to. Urban myths are the modern apocryphal tales of our time. Some are warnings while others are there to simply be a great story to tell around the couch when the power goes out. But where do they come from and are any of them true? Today on Urbane Myths, Les and I chat with that guy: The man who has the honour of being in on the creation of two lesser-known urban myths.

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RTG Presents: Urbane Myths Episode 4 - SA Ghost Stories & Myths

South African Ghost Stories.jpg

We’ve always been a thrill-seeking species: We explore, we delve and we share the tales of things we’ve seen. Then there’s the unseen world. Everyone has either met someone, known someone, or met someone that knew someone that has a had a brush with the paranormal. All those ghost stories have been passed down through our history like chainletters of the imagination. We love them and retell them, and now, I’m going to share a few of my own.

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RTG Presents: Urbane Myths Episode 3 - The Panga Man


From 1953 to 1959, a serial killer or killers stalked Pretoria’s Naai Draai (Lover’s Lane). He targeted couples in cars knowing that, due to the elicit nature of their roundezvous’, many victims would be hesitant to come forward. His capture would lead to an amazing revelation regarding his identity and now, while his murder weapon rests on display in the South African Police Museum, his legacy continues. This is the story of The Panga Man.

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RTG Presents: Urbane Myths Episode 2 - A Homegrown Haunting


Everyone’s had that feeling - a sense that they’re not alone in the dark. Naturally, we don’t often seek these feelings out and when we do, it is usually in the controlled environment of a horror film, a video game or a theme park attraction. Then there are the ghosthunters, paranormal investigators who actively seek these places out. I got to have a sit down with one such investigator where we spoke at length about her experiences. She told me about the known consequences of ghost hunting: of cold spots and a sense being watched. And then she told me about the time her work followed her home.

RTG Presents: Urbane Myths Episode 1 - The Vela Incident


On the 22nd of September 1979, near the Prince Edward Islands off Antarctica, there was an event, an incident that has gone by several names including The Vela Incident and The South Atlantic Flash. A double flash of light was seen and recorded by an American Vela Hotel Satellite. 39 years later, no official explanation has been given as to its origin. Why the silence?

Because the Vela Hotel satellite had one purpose: to detect nuclear detonations. I look at this story with Les Allen and discuss what may or may not have happened off our coast all those years ago.

RTG Presents: Urbane Myths with Vittorio!


It is with great pleasure that Release The Geek presents a brand new podcast from RTG co-host Vittorio Leonardi - Urbane Myths!


Adjective - charming, worldly


Noun - traditional stories; widely held but false beliefs or ideas; misrepresentations of the truth

“There are stories from all around the world regarding the strange, the unexplained, the terrifying and the unreal… And yet, you’ll have to dig to find many from our shores. Urbane Myths is where we dig. It’s where you’ll find some of those local legends and tales of the unconventional, a place where you can begin your search into what lies beneath the veil.

We have our own conspiracies, prophecies, cover-ups and mysteries. It’s time they were told. Welcome to Urbane Myths.”

The Urbane Myths podcast will launch TODAY (October 31) at 3 pm SAST, before moving to its own platform. Stay tuned!

Episode 140: World Cosplay Summit Geekery with Ed Hoff!

From its origin in 2003, World Cosplay Summit (WCS) has grown to become the biggest cosplay event in the world. WCS has expanded to over 35 regions globally, and in 2018 takes its first steps into Africa, with ICON Comics & Games Convention playing host to the first regional qualifier on the continent.

Ed Hoff joined us to take us through the origin story of WCS: from its early beginnings with 5 cosplayers invited from Germany, France and Italy, to its massive 9 day event in Nagoya that it has become. We also give South African cosplayers a glimpse of wait awaits the regional winners!

For more information about the World Cosplay Summit, check out their website!


Episode 139: Unclipped Adventure Geekery with Tegan Phillips!

The origin story of Tegan Phillips, the artistic creator of Unclipped Adventure comics is quite incredible. Tegan started drawing comics purely as a way to win a bicycle and associated bicycle gear - winning that competition led to a number of incredible adventures including a one year, 11,000 km bike trip through the African continent with her family.

During these adventures, Tegan continued drawing comics documenting her experiences while she rode in various places around the world including New Zealand and Europe. This work has now become a full time job with her comics gracing tshirts, mugs and greeting cards.

You can see more of Tegan's work at the Unclipped Adventure website, and also follow her on Twitter!


Episode 138: Indian Cricket Geekery with Chetan Narula!

One of the things that marks us geeks is passion. Geek passion is on display everywhere - from heated arguments online around whether Superman could beat the Hulk, to cosplayers spends dozens, even hundreds of hours making precise replicas of costumes as an homage to the character.

Passion in geek culture is undeniable, which makes the topic of this podcast potentially relatable, even if most geeks aren't necessarily interest in it.

This week's podcast is going to discuss sport, (Please, geeks, give it chance before skipping this episode to move on to another podcast).  In particular, we're going to discuss cricket. Played mostly in commonwealth or former commonwealth nations, it's an incredibly popular sport around the world but in India ... the passion Indian fans have for the sport and their national team is unlike anything any other fanbase can muster.

Chaytun Naroola is a sports journalist and author based in Delhi, and has been following the Indian cricket team since 2011. During the Indian team's recent tour to South Africa, Chaytun covered the team and also played guest commentator during radio coverage of the matches. We reached out to Chaytun to ask for his help in understanding of the depths of the passion Indian cricket fans have, and he was gracious enough to make time in his incredibly hectic schedule to discuss many things including his path to geekdom (there are Tintin references enough to keep the average geek interested), the moment on a Doha beach that led to his big career change from engineering, and how difficult it can be to negotiate the politics of covering the sport in cricket's biggest market.

If you'd like to hear more of Chetan's thoughts, you can follow him on Twitter, and then check out his Instagram feed for all the pics!


Episode 137 Composer Geekery with Carlo Mombelli!

Our last RTG episode spotlighted Gina Nelson, lead artist on the new mobile game Dragon's Watch. During our chat, Gina discussed what the design team were looking for when it came to the theme music for the game - they really wanted to music to be more than just 'background noise', but an enriching aspect of the game.

As it happens, Gina's father, Carlo Mombelli, is a South African bassist, composer and educator -  she suggested that he submit some samples to game design team and they loved what they heard. Gina also gave some insight to Carlo's history, which sounded incredible.

We reached out to Johannesburg based Carlo, and had an incredibly entertaining discussion about his path to musical geekdom. As a quick example - as I record this intro, the largely self taught Carlo is currently in Bern, Switzerland, where he's performing in a series of concerts.

Carlo was incredibly gracious with his time and we chatted about many things including how he fell in love with the bass guitar, how he created the soundtrack to Dragon's Watch with acoustic instruments (sometimes, custom made for the sound), and how he got his first performance gig - singing at a restaurant as a the lead-in entertainer for one of South Africa's well known exotic dancers.

To find out more about Carlo and his music, head on over to his website!