Episdoe 102: Radio Broadcast Geekery with Chris Jordan!

Chris Jordan has built a successful career in radio broadcast, stretching back from his days at Tuks FM at university through to be the producer for 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest'. Chris is now giving back to the community, helping young announcers find their way with the first text book in South Africa that covers radio broadcasting.

You can find more information about Chris and his book 'A Word On Radio' at his website.


Episode 99: Tech Parenting Geekery with Nikki Bush!

Creative parenting expert, Nikki Bush, joins us to talk about how parents can help guide their children in an ever-changing world of technology!

Nikki is THE "go to" expert when it comes to parenting in South Africa, a much sought after speaker and author who provides incredible and easy to understand insights on a very difficult topic.

You can follow Nikki on Twitter, find her on Facebook, and get more information from her website!


Episode 98: Urbane Myths Geekery with Vittorio Leonardi!

Release The Geek co-host Vittorio Leonardi has always been fascinated by the strange and the bizarre and, in 2017, he'll be launching is new podcast, Urbane Myths!

This episode of RTG is a sneak preview of what you can expect from Urbane Myths. In this episode, Vittorio talks about the Vela Incident, where a Vela Hotel satellite captured a flash of something in the Southern Indian Ocean. Thing is, the Vela satellites were designed to detect nuclear explosions ...


For more from Vittorio, you should follow him on Twitter (@vittorioleo)!

Episode 97: Tech-Savvy Parenting Geekery with Nikki Bush & Arthur Goldstuck!

As a final lead in to all new 2017 podcast episodes, we present another fantastic ICON 2016 panel, which directly links to next week's podcast - South Africa's 'go-to' parenting expert, Nikki Bush, and South Africa's 'go-to' tech advisor, Arthur Goldstuck, took to the stage to talk about how to be a tech-savvy parent in an ever changing world!


Episode 96: SA Urban Legend Geekery with Arthur Goldstuck!

Was back in the dark times of 2016, we chatted to the 'go-to' guy of SA tech, Arthur Goldstuck, about his path to geekdom. During the chat, he mentioned he'd written a number of books about urban legends and we were keen to here more - so we organised him a panel at ICON 2016!

Join Les Allen and Vittorio Leonardi on stage with Arthur Goldstuck as we talk about South African urban legends!

You can find more about Arthur's work at the 'Legends From A Small Country' website, or follow him on Twitter (@art2gee)!


Episode 94: Webcomic Geekery with The Variants Cover Team!

We are now well into the festive season, but there are plenty of you out there who either didn't take leave or who were denied it and have now been stuck at work (hopefully, it isn't that busy at time for you). This can be an onerous time, particularly for office workers who may not have a lot going on.

To help you wile away the drudgery, the Variants Cover team has come to your rescue - there are hundreds, if not thousands of entertaining and thought-provoking webcomics out there that can help ease the passage of time. The Variants Cover team, in their ever so humble opinion, give you a raft of webcomic recommendations, along with the reasons as to why you might like a particular one based on other things you like.

You can find The Variants Cover crew on Twitter - @GregJNell, @NasWho, and @JustLimpho!


Episode 93: Best Comics of 2016 Geekery with The Variants Cover Team!

With the festive season just around the corner, you're going to need help with gift ideas for the comic geek in your life (or even for yourself if you want to dip your toe into the deep comic pool). The Variant Covers team steps into the breach to help identify the best comics of 2017 to make your shopping decisions much easier!

You can find The Variants Cover crew on Twitter - @GregJNell, @NasWho, and @JustLimpho!


Episode 92: Sexual Harassment & VR Geekery with Avri Spilka & Pippa Tshabalala!

On October 20 this year, Jordan Belamire posted an article on the Medium website detailing a recent experience she had playing the HTC Vive game QuiVr. In the game, she was 'virtually' groped and harassed by another player, moments after speaking in game - her voice identified her character as female, otherwise there would've been no way to know.

In her article, Jordan related that while she was not touched physically, she related that the groping felt just as real, and it started a heated conversation online as to the various factors around sexual harassment and sexual assault in the virtual space - can it be called sexual harassment if its virtual? What are the legal ramifications? Can someone be charged?

These are complicated concepts and questions and we needed some help to go through them, so we went to some of friends who are much smarter about these things: Avri Spilka, psycho-sexual consultant & educator and Pippa Tshabalala, our go to gaming expert, sat down with us to help us come to terms with what sexual harassment means, how this relates to virtual worlds, and how we might fix this in the future.

A note: we go to some pretty deep and dark places, and some people who may have had experiences with topics such as sexual harassment, assault and rape need to be aware of this.

You can find Pippa on Facebook and on Twitter, and follow Avri via the CtrlAltSex page on Facebook!


Episode 91: X-Men Apocalypse Geekery with The Variants Cover Team!

Back in May this year, GeekXP managed to secure a pre-screening session of X-Men Apocalypse, and the Variants Cover team were there to enjoy the movie. Of course, being the comics fans we are, we had to sit down and dissect it, and there are some very strong feelings around the content of the movie, its relationship to canon and plenty of discussions about the X-Men cartoons.

You can find each of the Variants Cover team on social media! Follow them all on Twitter: @GregJNell, @NasWho and @JustLimpho!


Episode 90: Retail Gaming Geekery with Solarpop's Eugene Vermeulen!

Tabletop and boardgaming is on the rise around the world, and South Africa is no exception. The retail side of this industry in South Africa does have its own challenges - an unsympathetic exchange rate means we're paying more for the product, and the distance from suppliers means more expense due to shipping costs. There are also issues like regional distribution models that, while beneficial for the manufacturers, may cause additional pain for local retailers.

Earlier this year, three of the country's biggest tabletop and boardgame wholesalers, Blowfish Entertainment, Skycastle Games & Toys and Boardgames SA came together to start a brand new company - Solarpop. Eugene Vermuelen sat down with us to talk about his path to geekdom, his decision to start Skycastle and what the joining of forces of these three companies means for the gaming community and industry in South Africa.

For more info on Solarpop, you can check out their website, but probably best to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news.


Episode 89: NaNoWriMo Geekery with Kelan Gerriety!

It's November, which means progressively hairier men and NaNoWriMo: the writing initiative designed to help budding and existing authors create 50,000 words before 11.59 pm on November 30th.

In honour of NaNoWriMo, we chatted to Kelan Gerriety, author of 'Crimson Skies' and founder of Sera Blue Publishing about her path to geekdom, what made her decide to start up her own publishing company and why she decided to run a competition that could help another author get published!

You can check out the Sera Blue Publishing website for more information around their competition, and head over to NaNoWriMo's website for more information about their November writing initiative!


Episode 88: Pro Esports Geekery with Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner!

Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner is one of the biggest names in professional esports, having hosted and broadcast from dozens of countries around the world including the US, Singapore, Australia, China and now South Africa.

Paul was in SA in January this year to promote the launch of the Telkom DGL Masters, the biggest esports competition to date in this country. Paul was back in SA at rAge Johannesburg in October to host the Finals event, which was quite the spectacle.

We managed to catch up with Paul just before he left to talk about a range of topics including his path to esports geekdom and fame, how SA esports compares to the world skill wise and who his dream broadcast team would be.

Also - a big thanks to Sam Wright and Wayne Miller for helping to make this happen.

To keep up to date with what's happening with Paul, check out his website and definitely follow him on Twitter - @PaulChaloner

Episode 87: Patreon Geekery with Guy Sclanders!

Guy Sclanders is a Johannesburg based roleplayer who has been a GM since the age of 12 - he was not forthcoming with how many years that makes. But he's not keeping his trove of skill to himself: Guy produces a large amount of YouTube content giving advice on how to not only be a great GM yourself, but how to be a great player.

Starting October 1st, Guy and his YouTube roleplaying group the 'Bacon Battalion' launched their Patreon campaign and are already well on the way to hitting their second funding goal. Guy took time out to chat to us about his path to geekdom, which Starfleet captain he finds is the best and Bacon's journey to the magical YouTube subscription number.

An aside - we really want to thank Guy for squeezing in time for this interview: it was actually recording the night before Bacon's Patreon launch, which was a pretty stressful time. Kudos to him for taking time out for us.

To see the massive (and massively fun) amount of content, check out the Bacon Battalion RPG YouTube channel, go follow them on Twitter (and Guy himself here), and finally - go to their Patreon page and support them!


Episode 86: Scope-X Geekery with Allen Versfeld!

ScopeX is a public outreach initiative established by the Astronomical Society of South Africa to promote interest in astronomy, telescope making and astrophotography. Scope-X 2016 happens this weekend in Johannesburg, and we chatted with the Urban Astronomer, Allen Versfeld, about the state of amateur astronomy in South Africa, the naming conventions of planetary objects (hello, George!), what you can expect to find at Scope-X and great names for supernovas.

For more information about Scope-X, head on over to their website and to find out more about the local scene, you should check out the Astronomical Society of South Africa's homepage. You can also find out more about the Urban Astronomer via his website, too!


Episode 85: eSports Geekery with Sam Wright!

#rAge2016 kicks off tomorrow, and "Tech Girl" Sam Wright is taking the Telkom DGL Masters stage as a roaming host for the event. We caught up with Sam recently to discuss her forays into the world of eSports and shoutcasting.

We also discuss Sam's manifesty destiny: becoming the Ryan Seacrest of esports!

Go follow Sam on Twitter now - @TechGirlZA - and don't forget to check out her website!


Episode 84: Bonus rAge Content - The State of eSports in South Africa!

With #rAge2016, South Africa's biggest LAN and computer gaming event, starting this Friday in Johannesburg, we thought it time to review the state of esports in South Africa.

SA's "Tech Girl", Sam Wright, has been named as one of the hosts for this year's Telkom DGL tournaments at #rAge2016. Back in June, 2016 Sam hosted a panel on the topic of esports in South Africa at ICON Comics & Games Convention. Joining Sam on stage were SA gaming legend and shoutcaster Barry "Anthrax" Louzada, gamer Stefan 'Nefan' Smit, and DeWet "RidditZ" Lombard from nAvTv.

We humbly present a recording of this panel as a primer for this weekend's gaming fun!

For more from Sam Wright, follow her on Twitter - @TechGirlZA!


Episode 83: The Variant Covers Team Explain DC's Rebirth & Marvel's Civil War 2!

The major crossover events for 2016 are DC's Rebirth and Marvel's Civil War 2, and The Variant Covers team is here to get you up to date with the origins of, and the latest happenings in, both series!

The Variant Covers, GeekXP's crack team of comic experts, is made up of Greg Nell, Limpho Moeti and Nas Hoosen - and you should totally follow them on Twitter!